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Corrie ten Boom, perhaps best known for her book The Hiding Place and movie of the same name, was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on April 15, 1892 and died in Placentia, California on April 15, 1983, at the age of ninety-one.

The youngest child of Casper and Cornelia ten Boom, she grew up in the city of Haarlem, where her father had a watch shop in the center of town. Corrie became a Christian at the age of five years, and loved and served the Lord Jesus from that time onwards. During World War II, Corrie, her elder sister, Betsie, and their elderly father received Jewish refugees in their home.

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Corrie's books:

Book: Tramp for the Lord
Book: Defeated Enemies
Book: A prisoner and yet
Book: Amazing Love

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